Thursday, March 29, 2012

Momma's boy is sick ♥

My little guy is not feeling well, but he's still staying as happy as he can. We are spending the day watching TV and cuddling. I'm trying my best to make him feel as comfortable as possible. He was up a lot of the night coughing, and crying. (Poor thing!) I hate seeing him like this, I'd rather be sick any day than watch him suffer. I really hope he gets better quick, especially since I'll be going on vacation. I'll feel SO guilty leaving him if he's not better. This will be the first time I leave both him and my fiance for longer than a day! It's going to be different, but I know this mini vacation is just what I need. My best friend surprised me, and is taking me to the states. I'm not exactly sure what she has up her sleeves, but I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

                                         Bed head, pale skin, sick boy... But, still managing to have a little smirk. ♥

Later on today I'm going to make him banana "icecream". I'm sure it will help sooth his throat, and hopefully make his nasty coughing fade for a bit.

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