Saturday, April 14, 2012

Barnyard, fourth Birthday Party!

This was my sons most recent birthday party. It was held at our apartment, and we only invited a few children. My son loves animals, so my fiance and I thought a barn/farm themed party would be perfect!
This was the first year I decided not to get a customized t-shirt made for his big day. Instead, my son dressed up in overalls and a plaid shirt. We asked all guests to get in the barn/farm spirit and wear their favorite plaid shirts and jeans. To make my little guy feel extra special, I got him to wear a birthday boy ribbon. He loved it!
 Since the guest list wasn't very large, I decided to make eight cupcakes and a small cake. I made a barn, sheep, dogs and pigs! The kids thought the animals were super cute.
 I got into the spirit and painted my nails! I also wore a cowboy hat, jeans and a pink plaid shirt!
I create a photo cutout from cardboard. I free handed the picture, and painted it with acrylic tole paint. I made sure to get a picture of each kiddie looking like a pig. The pictures turned out great!
 For the goodie bags, I picked up some brown bags. I decorated them with stickers and wrote each child's name on the bag. Inside there were tons of farm themed items. Everything from plastic animals to animal candies!
 I had a painting station for the children. I purchased animals from the dollarstore and made sure to have extras just in case some of the kiddies wanted to paint more than one. Other activities I had for the kids was pin the tail on the donkey along with a few others. But, the kids loved playing in my sons room so much, we didn't get around to play all the games. As long as they were all happy, I was happy!
For decorations I purchased checkered table clothes, made a few homemade pictures for the walls and created cow print balloons. I picked up plain white balloons, took a sharpie and drew cow prints on each one. I tied a red ribbon on them, and stuck them the the ceiling for a helium effect!
I also create hats! I already had the paint, and glue, so all I needed to buy was the foam hats and extra foam. I used a hot glue gun to stick everything together.


  1. What a clever party idea. Love the balloons!

    1. Thank you SO much! :) I really appreciate you taking the time to read, and comment on my blog. ♥