Saturday, April 14, 2012

Disney Cars, Second Birthday Party!

For my sons second birthday, my fiance and I decided to have a smaller party. We held the event at my mothers home. We had a great turn out, and all guests had lots of fun!

 Each year on my sons birthday, I take a picture just of him. I make sure he wears a special birthday shirt, or a pin. In this case, it's a personalized t-shirt. I bought the shirt from Walmart, along with transfer paper. The transfer paper was used to put the image on the shirt. I searched online for a Lightning McQueen picture I liked, then typed a little saying around the character. I followed the printing and transferring instructions, and voila!
 To keep the kiddies busy, we set up different stations. This one is a coloring station. I printed out characters from the movie cars, and placed them on the table. I then provided crayons, stickers and other fun decorating tools!
 The second stations we put together was a dress up stations! This was a HUGE hit! Even the adults who attended joined in on the fun. All items were either previously purchased, or from the local Dollarstore.
For favors, I purchased Disney Cars bags from Walmart. Inside there was tons of goodies, mostly from the Dollarstore. Some of the items were: Chocolate cars, Cars bubbles, Cars books and a few other fun knick knacks.
For decorations, I kept it pretty simple. I purchased some balloons (some car ones too, of course!) along with blue and red streamers. I then printed out some images from the internet, and stuck them to the wall. (Not shown in this picture.) -- Another station I put together was a car playing area. My son already had the mat and cars. The kids enjoyed it a lot!
For the cake, one of my close friends created this! It tasted delicious, and looked fantastic! She made one cake gluten free, and the other regular cake. It was yummy, and people couldn't even tell which cake was which!

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