Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY Earring Holder

This simple DIY earring holder only cost me two dollars to make. I purchased the materials I needed from my local Dollarstore. If you're interested in creating your own, all you need is:
- A frame of your choice
- Shelf/door liner
- Scissors

Once you have all the materials, measure out how much liner you'll need to fit your frame. To make sure I had the correct measurements, I used the paper backing that came with the frame as a guideline.

Then, place the liner in the frame, along with the paper backing, glass and the back of the picture frame. 

Once everything is placed together, your frame should look similar to this.

 I added a small butterfly decoration for color. But, this is of course optional. You can make it as fancy as you want, or leave it plain.

And, here is the final product! It took a maximum of 10 minutes to put together!


  1. So pretty! This is a great idea :D

  2. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and commenting :) I truly appreciate it! I started following your blog. I love makeup, and your tutorials look fantastic! *hugs*

  3. I like this technique Mel. It's super cheap but still looks really nice. I've seen other versions that look really nice but cost just as much to make as it would to buy one in a store. I also like that it has multiple compartments!