Sunday, April 22, 2012

Haircut Gone Wrong

My fiance decided to give our son Tyson a haircut, for the first time... Well, let's just say he took a little too much off... I've always been the one to cut his hair... But, we decided that a little (remember, I said little..) buzz cut would be cute.

When my fiance went to use the razor, the extensions weren't working properly. So, he decided to take the extension off and just use the blade!!! After the first swipe, there was no going back. Tyson was so excited when he looked at his hair in the mirror! He thinks he looks just like daddy, and he loves that it's "crinkly and prickly!" He also said to me "Daddy and I have matching hair. It's prickly and crinkly. YOU need to have the same hair. Get the scissors..." What a little comedian!



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