Sunday, April 8, 2012

Peter Rabbit Visited!

The Easter Bunny made it to our home. My little guy was so excited! He enjoyed searching for eggs, and especially loved the Angry Birds items he received. At first he was a little overwhelmed, but he still did great.

The beginning of the Easter egg hunt!

ANGRY BIRDS!!! (His new favorite obsession!)

Collecting all the eggs ♥

My little Angry Birds fan, with all his eggs!

We also got another surprise this morning.... A huuuge snowstorm! Yikes! I guess this Easter is going to be spent inside, cuddling and watching movies. Tonight's pick is "Hop", sounds perfect!

Not lovely weather, but a great excuse to stay in pajamas!

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  1. Oh, I wanted to see Hop too! Sounds like such a perfect Easter evening! <3