Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Silhouette Wall Art

I wanted to give my mother something unique for mothers day. Instead of the typical flowers, jewelery or chocolate. I made her wall art of her favorite little boy, her grandson! I started off by getting my son to stand in front of a window. I made sure to have him look straight ahead, then I snapped a picture quickly.

Afterwards I uploaded the image to my computer, and enlarged it to the size I wanted. I then cropped it and edited it to my liking. (I used the ''vivid" setting on my picture editing program. It brought out the black, and made Tyson's silhouette pop!)

I gathered all the supplies I needed to create the silhouette wall art. I purchased a 12x16 canvas, paint and paintbrushes. I also printed out the picture I edited of Ty's silhouette, and cut it out!

Trace the silhouette using a pencil. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you'll be painting it, and it can be fixed easily.

Paint the silhouette using black paint! (Or any color of your choice!)

Once the silhouette is completely dry, add a background color. I wanted to keep it neutral. (You will then be able to fix any mistakes with the background color.)

This part is optional -- Since this is a gift for my mother, I wanted to add a little extra something. I painted my little guys hand and foot, then made prints of them on the canvas.

I also painted "Nana's Boy" on the bottom of the picture. (Oh, and I can't forget the three little hearts!) Ta-Da! :) A very simple, and great keepsake! It's not perfect, but, we know Nana will love it!

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