Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun In The Sun! It's Summer, Ya'll!!!

The weather in New Brunswick has been absolutely beautiful. The family and I have visited the beach three times in the past two weeks. We absolutely love playing in the sand, collecting sea shells and of course swimming. This weekend is supposed to be dark and rainy. So, my plan is to do a few crafts with Ty, along with another little boy. (I'll be watching an 8 year old for the weekend, so I have to think of ways to keep the kids busy. Especially if it's raining all weekend, yuck!) I'll post pictures of our crafts tomorrow. I'm thinking of creating something out of egg cartons. I have two empty ones, and I'm sure the boys would love to create something with them.

Hope everyone has a very happy weekend!
(I'm posting some pictures from precious beach days.)

Our first time at the beach this year! We all LOVED it!!
Ty and Daddy collecting water for their sand castle.

Their sand castle!!

A very happy boy, loving the sand and sun.
Tyson, not too far away from Prince Edward Island

I also want to send out late, but very deserved Father's day wishes to my fiance. ♥ We had a laid back day, but lots of fun. These pictures were all taken on Father's day. We had a bonfire, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.

Isn't this sweet? I found this on Pinterest, and couldn't resist printing it out! I think Tyson's answers are adorable, and his daddy got a kick out of them. I think we are going to make a tradition of this. We will get to see how his answers change each year. (I didn't realize the year is wrong, but I plan on changing that and putting it in a keepsake box.) If anyone is interested in checking out the site I got this awesome print out from, please click here!

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