Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy Boys!

For the past two weeks I've been a busy momma! Not only have I been taking care of my son, but another boy who is 8 and very active. (He'll be in my care for one or two weekends each month.) We went to the beach, spalshpark, regular park etc. The weather has been beautiful, so we took advantage of it.
Playing chase at the beach!
Chalkin' it up!
Splash park! The boys LOVED it!
In the mist of everything, I turned 26! My fiance surprised me with a gigantic cookie, presents and a balloon. (I expected nothing, so this gesture meant a lot to me.)
This upcoming weekend I'm going on a little mini vacation. I will be renting a cottage on a beach with my fiance, and two close friends. I'm bringing my son for the first night, and the second night I'm getting a sitter. I can't wait to frolic on the beach, and just relax. I'm also hoping I can stumble upon some sand glass for crafts. I've been wanting to make some jewelery, but haven't found any workable pieces. I do however have some starfish and sand dollars that could be used for an art project!

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