Sunday, August 26, 2012

Redneck Hootenanny!

I wanted to throw a party for one of my close friends, but I didn't want it just to be a typical drinking birthday event. Instead, another friend and I decided on a redneck theme for the birthday boy. We shopped at our local Dollarstores and thrift stores. I even borrowed a few toys and clothing from my son. (You'll understand more when you browse the pictures.We tried to make everything cost effective, and of course, as redneck as possible. Since I live in a small apartment, we weren't able to get too crazy. But, we all had a blast none the less.

If you want something different for a party, try this one out! It was so much fun, and so easy to throw together. And, what's best about a redneck party is, nothing has to be perfect. More imperfections, the better!

Suggestions for redneck party attire.
- Mullet/wigs
- Ripped shirts and jeans
- Shirts with the sleeves cut off or rolled up
- Cut off shorts
- White tee stained with mustard
- Flannel and plaid shirts
- Black out a tooth or two

Suggestions for food:
-Ding Dongs
- Bologna
- Hot Dogs

- Tater Tots
-Crackers and Cheese Wiz

-Peaunt butter and jelly sandwiches

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