Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween 2007

This was our first official Halloween as a family. My son was only a day short of being two months old, and slept most of his first Halloween away. But, there's no way I could not celebrate the day! It is after all my favorite day of the year!

My fiance and I stumbled upon this chili pepper costume and couldn't resist purchasing it. We got it from a website called We wanted our bundle of joy to have a unique and interesting costume, and we got tons of compliments on it.

Since our little one was dressed as a chili pepper, we decided to go as 80 rockers. (Get it... Red Hot Chili Peppers? huh, huh?) We gathered up funky wigs, old clothing and did our makeup. My fiance even wore eyeliner! We went trick or treating at a few homes. All neighbors and family, we went to a total of 8 houses. (And, of course... mommy and daddy got to eat all the treats!)

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