Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween 2010

This was another year I got away with doing a family costume. We all went as Muppet characters. I was so happy I  found a Elmo costume. I assumed I'd have to make one, but I stumbled upon one at a local thrift store.

We found a green hooded sweater, green pants and a light green T-shirt. We then crafted the light green T-shirts into triangle shapes and placed them around the neckline, wrists and ankles of Kermit. All we used were safety pins to hold them in place. For the eyes, we bought Styrofoam balls and made them look as similar as Kermit's eyes as possible. We then sewed the eyes on the hood of the sweater, painted his face green and voila!

Miss Piggy:
We bought a cheap red dress, blonde wig, crown, craft foam, fake eyelashes, pig nose, spirit gum and boa. For the wig we crafted pig ears then glued the ears to the crown. Once dried, we then glued the crown to the wig. For make up mascara, blush, purple eyeshadow and fake lashes! Oh, and can't forget the red lips! We also added pearls, long gloves, a ring and a black cover up.

Since we had a lot of the items in our home, both outfits cost us roughly $30.00 to make.

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