Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween 2011

This was a great and very memorable Halloween for my family and I. We had a fantastic time celebrating! It also was the first Halloween we didn't wear a family costume. Mr. independent (a.k.a my son) wanted to be a monster. My best friend (Auntie Tasha) purchased his costume from Old Navy, and boy was it adorable! I loved the little booty it gave him!

Since my fiance and I celebrated Halloween on Saturday, we decided just to do just a little face paint. We couldn't resist staying in the Halloween spirit, especially since we were trick or treating with our son. He loved the "fishys" on our faces. (I'm happy he's not at the age he's embarrassed of his parents... But, I'm sure that day is coming soon!)

**Thankfully most of the treats Tyson received from trick-or-treating were gluten free.**
 As I mentioned above, my fiance and I celebrated Halloween on the weekend. We decided to go as Ursula and King Triton from the little mermaid. It took me several hours to complete both costumes. The one that took the longest was Ursula's! I all the tentacles by hands, and assembled the dress. I have never sewed in my life, so I was very proud of myself haha! As for the King, I purchased "abs" from along with the wig. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to make his costume as nice as I wanted to. But, he still got lots of compliments. The highlight of my night was winning $250 in a costume contest!!
I create this shell necklace by using Crayola Model Magic! I then painted it and added sparkles.

Oh, and one more thing I should add. I also helped organize a Halloween party for a group called Day Break! It was such a fun party with tons of snacks, games and great people! I dressed up as a living doll for the event. It was creepy, but I got tons of compliments. I wish everyday could be Halloween!

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