Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exorcist Couple Costumes!

Last night my fiance and I celebrated Halloween with friends. We went to a house party and decided to dress up as characters from the exorcist. I went as Reagan and Alan went as Father Karras! Everyone got a kick out of our costumes, and we scared a lot of people too!

For my costume all I had to do was find a nightgown, makeup and contacts. (Unfortunately one of my contacts ripped, and the other one irritated my eye. But, it was fun to wear them while I could.) I cut up an old shirt so I could have wrists strips, gave myself bangs painted my face white, blackened my teeth, shaded my face with eyeshadow and created scars. Oh, and I can't forget the "fake vomit!" I took an old foundation and tinted it with green food coloring. Then I painted it on my nightgown!

Dead Father Karras:
We purchased a priest costume from Spirit Halloween. We didn't like that it was a dress, so we modified the costume. Alan tucked the dress into a pair of black pants, and put on an old coat. For makeup I lightened his face, created dark circles, did some shading and created scars. (Since the Father dies by being thrown out a window in the movie, I decided to add shards of glass. I broke a CD case, and inserted the pieces into the wound.) We also got some props. A vinegar bottle to hold holy water and a bible we found at good will.

If you're interested in learning how I created scars, please click here!

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