Monday, October 15, 2012

How To Create A Scar, Wound Or Scratch!

Last night I decided to practice creating a fake scar for my Halloween costume. I'm going as Reagan from the exorcist this year. (My fiance is going as a priest, possibly a dead one!) We typically don't dress spooky for Halloween, so It's going to be an interesting change.

To create the scar I used liquid latex, toilet paper and makeup! That's it! It was actually SO much easier to create than I thought. I unfortunately didn't take pictures as I created this scar. But, my lovely fiance allowed me to use his hand to show you all. (Thanks Alan!!)Please keep in mind I am NOT a makeup artist. This is how I like to make fake wounds. So, please be kind! :)

All the materials I used to create the wound!
- Liquid Latex
- Fake blood
- Eyeshadow/Gel liner
- Liquid foundation
- Setting powder (Any type would work. Even baby powder!)
- Scissors
- Makeup tools (brushes, sponges etc.)

First thing you want to do is moisturize the area you'll be placing the makeup. Then, grab a square of toilet paper and peel it apart. The thinner the sheet of toilet paper, the better!

Cut the toilet paper into strip using scissors. Or, you can even tear it! The size of the strips depend on the size of the wound you want to create.

Twirl the toilet paper. (I'm creating torn "skin" for the wound.)

Once the toilet paper is twirled, coat it in liquid latex. Place the paper quickly on the skin. (It becomes VERY sticky, so try to move fast!) Repeat this step for the second part of the wound. You'll want two pieces.

Move the toilet paper and latex around with any tool available. (Tweezers work well.)

Here's an example of how the wound should look :)

Allow the latex to dry. We decided to use a hair dryer. Make sure you have it on the cold setting.

Once it's completely dry, set the latex and toilet paper with powder. Any type of powder can work. (Corn starch, baby powder or even talcum powder would work!)

Spread evenly foundation that is close to your skin color.

Then repeat with powder to set the foundation.

Now the fun part! Time to "decorate!" Place black liquid liner or eyeshadow inside the wound.

For the outside of the wound I used an assortment of reds, purples and blacks!

Blend and shade as much or as little as you'd like!

And the final step is to add the fake blooood! You can make your own using corn syrup and red food coloring. :)

The final result!

What a good sport! :) He liked it so much, he almost wore it to work!


  1. OH! MEL!!! That's SOOOO disgusting! Excellent work!! :) Might have to try this! :)

    P.S Alan you are such a great sport :)

    1. Awww! Thanks SO much!!! :) It's actually really simple to do. (I found it fun too!) If you do try it out, please upload a picture. I'd love to see!


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