Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elf On The Shelf Day #11

Twinkle decided to perch quietly on an ornament that hangs from the ceiling. (He's trying to ease his way back into Tyson's afternoon routines. Especially after the meltdown from two days ago.) Tyson thought it was neat that Twinkle was up so high.

It's great Ty is no longer upset with Twinkle. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way, haha!

Tonight Tyson got to visit Santa for a second time. This time we went to a different mall. When we visited Santa a few weeks ago, Ty was disappointed. Santa didn't ask him what he wanted for Christmas. Thankfully tonight Tyson told Santa EVERYTHING he wanted. It was absolutely adorable! He gave Santa tons of hugs, was giggling and was all around so excited to see him. Tyson told him he wants a blue furby, a teddy bear and a choo choo train. (I knew about the Furby... But, I had no idea about the other two toys haha!)

I'm very excited for Christmas morning this year. I know Tyson is going to have a blast opening presents. I hope he continues to be a good boy so Santa gets his everything he wants.

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