Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf On The Shelf Day #8

Today we woke up to SNOW! Yes! Glorious, white, cold, SNOW! I know most people dislike winter, but my family and I love it. We can't wait to have enough to build a snowman.

(Side Note: I plan on getting back on track with crafts and gluten free goodies soon. Twinkle has definitely taken over my blog for the past 8 days, haha!)

After checking out the snow, we went on a hunt to find Twinkle! We found him in our freezer! He had a note beside him, and he even made us a little friend!

Tyson and I planned on going outside, but unfortunately it's starting to hail. Our plans now include staying in our pajamas and watching Christmas cartoons! Sounds like a perfect snow day to us!

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