Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sam Mills Penne Rigate Corn Pasta (Review)

My son could literally live on pasta, and tonight we decided to try something different. We typically always have rice pasta, but we switched it up a bit

mother stumbled upon a new gluten free pasta in our area. The name of the company is called Sam Mills, and she purchased it at Liquidation World. (For those of you not familiar with the store, it's the same company as Big Lots.) There were two kinds of pasta available, penne and fusilli. She decided to get both of them. For supper tonight my son chose penne. The pasta was a steal, it was only $2.50!

It took roughly 14 minutes to cook this pasta. I added a little bit of vegetable oil to the boiling water so the noodles wouldn't stick. (I normally do that trick, it's something my mother taught me. It works great with gluten free pasta especially). I like that the water didn't become white and murky like it does with rice noodles. It was simple and quick to drain, and I didn't have to take extra time to make sure the water ran clear.

The packaging is the same as most gluten free pastas. I would love if it was a resealable bag, but it takes next to no time to put a twist-tie on the bag.

 The pasta is made with 100% corn and comes from a gluten free facility. Not only is it gluten free, it's also egg free and dairy free. The pasta tasted great, and wasn't much different from regular whole wheat pasta. I actually prefer this corn pasta over rice pasta. It has a wonder texture and great flavor. I'd definitely recommend this brand to anyone. It's a great alternative to regular wheat pasta.

It is also Tyson approved too! He loved it, and actually seemed to enjoy it more than rice pasta. There are lots of leftovers, and he'll be happy about that! Lunch is already planned for tomorrow afternoon.

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