Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Best Of Twinkle 2012 (Elf On The Shelf)

We had such a great month with our elf Twinkle. It was exciting to find him each afternoon. He definitely helped us all get into the Christmas spirit. We hope he has a safe travel back to the North Pole.

In honor of Twinkle, I'm dedicating this blog post to him. I want to showcase our favorite Twinkle moments.

The first afternoon that Twinkle visited, he got into Tyson's advent calendar. (Tyson was not impressed about it. It wasn't the best first impression haha!)

Twinkle decided to shave just like daddy!

Red noses just like Rudolph!

Hanging out with the Rice Krispies gang.

Nothing beats popcorn and a movie.

A special note, and movie for a good boy!

Twinkle decided to give Daddy a makeover....

Playing real life angry birds!

Twinkle made us a snowman in our freezer for the first snowfall of the year.

Marshmallows bubble baths are so relaxing.

Twinkle was running late from the North Pole, and decided to take a plane back!

5 more days!!!

Daddy wasn't showing enough Christmas spirit.... So Twinkle thought he needed a new hairdo to lift his mood....

Reading quietly, and even bought a great book set for Tyson!

And, last but not least.. A picture of Santa and Twinkle in front of our Christmas tree. Santa even left a note! :)

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