Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meltdown Mania & Pancake Art

It's been a emotional roller coaster ride for the past few weeks. The Tysonator hasn't been himself, and is not willing to do anything. Even asking him what he'd like to eat can send him into a meltdown. His behavior has skyrocketed to the extreme.

Tyson has missed so much ABA therapy and it's impacting his behavior. Between therapists switching jobs and snowstorms, he is completely offtrack.

This morning, it took two of us just to get him dressed. He refused to walk, screamed, kicked, the works. I am so thankful to have such a supportive fiance. Without him, this autism journey would be even more difficult.

Alan and I have have to reinforce more structure. Less television, more educational play and healthier food choices. Tyson is a very picky eater with limited food choices due to having a gluten intolerance. He can however eat tons of healthy foods, but refuses to. I'm going to try everything in my power to make healthy foods fun.

Today I decided to make some fruit and pancake art for Tyson. He absolutely LOVED it! He ate the most I've seen him eat in awhile. When I sat his plate down in front of him, he smiled and said: "This is the BEST breakfast, ever! I love it mommy, and I love you!" We might be having issues at the moment, but it's amazing how a few words can change the atmosphere.

Tyson and I decided to make daddy a special breakfast too.

"Autism is like a rainbow. It has a brighter side & a darker side. Every shade is important, beautiful and hides something golden." -- Stuart Duncan

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