Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

The family and myself had a nice relaxing Easter. We ate way too much food, and laughed a lot. Tyson did well searching for eggs, and wasn't as overwhelmed as I thought he would be. Typically he would get extremely overstimulated, but he pushed through it. (I'm very proud of him.) The Easter bunny left him lots of chocolates, a few toys, some new pajamas and his favorite gift.... Happy Feet 2 on dvd! He told me that's all he wanted for Easter this year. He absolutely loves anything to do with animals. His favorite animal at the moment are birds! Any type will do! He has even tried to convince me to get one. (I don't think that will be happening anytime soon!)

My favorite Easter moment was Alan (Dad) showing Tyson one of the Easter bunny's helpers. There was a small brown/white rabbit standing on his hind legs looking in our house. Tyson was so shocked. (It was absolutely adorable!)

I just wanted to leave a quick little blog about our Easter. I've been reading so many great blogs lately. It's really nice to connect with other mommy's. It makes blogging really enjoyable and fun!

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend.

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