Friday, June 28, 2013

Kindergarten Readiness Update

Tyson and I made it to 3 out of 4 school play days. That's great, considering we thought we couldn't make one. Each play day got better every day we attended. The first day was really rough. Tyson didn't want to sit, or participate. The second day went a little smoother. Tyson seemed to enjoy a few activities. And, the third day was much better. Tyson participated in most activities. He had a few small behaviors, but nothing major. The main concern was his concentration. He's severely active, and didn't want to sit still for long. Overall the experience was great! It made myself (along with his therapists) realize what we need to work on. It also showed us his social skills.

This week has been a struggle with behavior. Tyson has been very frustrated. All he wants to do is watch TV and play Angry Birds.

Next week he has no therapy. I'll have to figure out fun activities that he'll actually want to participate in. Getting him engaged in anything has been difficult. But, I'm determined! Pinterest, here I come!


  1. I'm so glad each day got better my dear! I'll keep praying that each day keeps getting better and better.

    Hugs mom!!

  2. Awe, happy to hear that he participated in most activities. Way to go momma with staying determined. I'm sure you will find tons of fun activities on pinterest. :)


  3. I'm glad to hear Tyson improved a bit each time he went. That's really good progress. I hope things improve at home too. It's a tough age. You're doing a wonderful job with him.