Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Week Of Kindergarten

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. My only child started kindergarten on Tuesday! For the past two years he's received 4 hours of therapy 5 days a week. It has helped him prepare for kindergarten and much more. My family and I are so thankful he was able to receive the services. It allowed him to show his full potential and blossom into the boy he is today. His therapist is assisting him the first two weeks of school. It makes the transition much easier. (For both Tyson and myself.) I would be a mess if his therapist wasn't involved.

One of my biggest concerns with Tyson attending school was the bus. I was afraid he would disrupt the bus driver and students. Thankfully, he's the total opposite! I make sure to talk to the bus driver daily. She assures me that Tyson is good boy and hasn't been a problem at all.

It's a bittersweet feeling sending Tyson off to school everyday. I want him to stay home with me, but I know he needs to blossom. He's learning how to be independent and find himself. Already I see an improvement in behavior and attitude. He's much happier and constantly wears a smile. ABA therapy was a blessing, but it was a lot of hard work. Tyson feels more at ease, and is able to enjoy school work. It's so nice to see! I hope he always enjoys school this much.

Aside from the bus being a concern, I was also worried about lunches. Tyson cannot eat anything containing gluten. He's also very picky and typically won't eat fruits. To my surprise, everyday this week he has eaten almost everything! I could jump for joy I'm so happy! He seems to eat better for others, and that's okay with me! As long as he's eating, I'm happy.

Day #1 -- Nachos

Day #2 -- Pizza

Day #3 -- Pasta and meat sauce

Day #4 -- Chicken salad and crackers


  1. you're a wonderful mom making such delicious lunchboxes!

  2. I can remember when my children went off to Kindergarten! I cried and cried! My Son had a learning disability and was hardly talking. I remember being so worried putting him on the Bus. The following year I got my Bus License..I loved it,, I think its great your talking with his Bus Driver.. that way she can keep you informed! Bless you and your little sweetie pie!! HUGS!!

  3. I absolutely agree with Christine! You are one great mom! I cried too when my son went off to Kindergarten! But my son didn't! When Hubby came to the school to check on us, one of the mothers told him, "Your son is okay but your wife is not!" LOL!!!

  4. I'm glad his first week went so well. His lunchboxes are amazing - the care and thought you've put in is extraordinary.

    Gillian x