Friday, December 27, 2013

Homemade Kiddie Snow Globes

My little fella and I were bored and wanted to make something different. We decided to make homemade snow globes together. They are so simple and fun to make!

1 clear jar with lid
Toys, ornaments etc.
Glue (We used hot glue, but water soluble glue is best)
1 tbsp baby oil (or glycerine)
Glitter (or, even googly eyes! My son loves them!)

Step 1:
Grab the lid and place a medium size of glue in the middle. Firmly press the ornament into the glue and allow to dry completely.

Step 2:
Add glitter to the bottom of jar.

Step 3:
Add water to jar, almost filling it completely.

Step 4:
Add baby oil OR glycerine to the jar. If you're using a smaller jar, add only a tiny bit.

Step 5:
Place lid on tightly. Place glue along the edge of the lid/jar and allow to dry.

Step 6:
Shake and enjoy!

These "snow globes" took no time at all. You can add anything you'd like to the jars, and make them unique and special. You can even make them fancy and give them as gifts!

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