Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Penguin Pancakes

As most of you may know, my boy LOVES penguins. For a treat, I decided to make him penguin pancakes.

I used El Peto pancakc mix, and added cocoa powder to make them darker.

To create the penguin body, I scooped batter onto a greased grill. I shaped the body, head and wings with a spoon.

I cooked the pancakes until they were brown around the edges.

I arranged the pancakes on a plate, and melted white chocolate. I spread the white chocolate in the middle of the penguin to create a belly.

I also placed two small drops of white chocolate for eyes, and placed chocolate chips in them. For the beak I used an orange fruit snacks. And, for the flippers I used orange reese's pieces

As you can see, Tyson was VERY excited!

He's one happy boy, and enjoyed every bite!


  1. Awe, you're such a fun mom Melly! I absolutely love doing things like this with my daughter. Looks like your son enjoyed. :)

  2. I love penguins too!!! They are my favourite -- I have various collectibles all over my house that people have bought.
    but really.... I want pancakes!! Haha :)

  3. you are so creative, what fun!

  4. These came out so cute! What a clever idea. Clearly, Tyson loved them. :)

  5. my Miss 8 is obsessed wiith penguins .she would love these
    hugs x

  6. Wow, what a great idea! These are so cute. :)