Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coconut House/Hut

Our pet Waddles needed a new home, so we decided to make her one out of a coconut. This project was super easy, but took a lot of patience. Drilling holes into a coconut wasn't easy. (Good thing my lovely fiance was around to help!)

- Coconut
- Drill
- Newspaper
- Bowl(s)
- Spoon or knife
- Hammer

Step #1 - Grab a coconut and place it in a bowl. (This allows the coconut to stay still while drilling.)

Step #2 - Draw a rough sketch of how you want the opening of your hamster hut to look.

Step #3 - Drill a hole in the middle if the sketch you drew.

Step #4 - Empty all the water from the coconut. You can use this for cooking, or to even drink!

Step #5 - Drill holes evenly around the sketch you made on the coconut. (The closer, the better!)

Step #6 - Grab a hammer and hammer in the entrance of the coconut.

Step #7 - Grab a knife or sharp spoon, and begin to dig out the flesh and skin of the coconut.

Step #8 - Neated up the entrance of the coconut with a file.

Step #9 - In a large bowl mix a few drops of vinegar with warm water. Allow the coconut to sit for 20 minutes. (Make sure the insides of the coconut are fully wet. This helps with disinfecting.)

Step #10 - Bake the shell in the oven at 175 degrees for 15 minutes. The coconut will be fully dried and disinfected for your hamster.

As you can see, our little hamster (Waddles) loves it.

Side Note:
We updated Mrs. Waddles home! She's now the proud owner of a three level! (I'm officially a crazy hamster lady.)


  1. Wow, what a great idea for her little hut! I love it! Thanks for sharing. And that is some cage, she is living in the lap of luxury now. :)

  2. such a great idea..... and the absolute cutest thing I've ever seen!!!
    oh my gosh - he's adorable in there.

  3. This is so cute! What a great idea! Looks pretty cozy in there to me! :)