Thursday, June 19, 2014

The End Of Kindergarten

Tyson's first year of school flew by! I know parents say it all the time, but it truly did. Tyson had a lot of ups and downs, but kept at it. Everyday I noticed a positive change in Tyson. I'm so thankful for all the help we've received! (After fighting so hard to get it!) A lot of his success comes from amazing ABA therapists who worked with him. Along with fantastic teachers and caring EA's! He's a stubborn little fella, and isn't easiest to work with. Yet, he's so loved.

I was once told by an occupational therapist that Tyson wouldn't be able to participate in strenuous activities. It would be best to enroll him in clubs such as band, and focus on his intellectual skills. Today, he was awarded ribbons for participating in sports day. He even received a forth place ribbon for a race he ran in! His coordination needs a little bit of work, he sometimes falls, but he did it! I will never allow Tyson to settle for anything less than he deserves. He's my shinning star and I'm so proud of him. This is only the beginning!


  1. Hey Mel!

    Just browsing your blog and wanted to leave a comment. Ty sure has matured between the start and end of his first year in school! You must be such a proud mama. I also watched the DIY photo canvas and read the blog about the coconut hut. Sounds like you are keeping busy with all the fun activities. I won't get to personal on your blog, but I hope you see this soon! I hope we can meet up this summer and catch up.

    Keep up all the awesome posts! Your blog is awesome!

  2. Aw! Thanks so much for the comment Tasha! :) I always love hearing from you! I appreciate everything you wrote. You're such a kind hearted lady! I'd love to get together when you're not busy! It would be great to see you!!!! *hugs* xo