Friday, October 24, 2014

50th Wedding Anniversary

My mother, Uncle and I put on a surprise 50th wedding anniversary for my grandparents in July. They were completely shocked, and so thankful for all our hard work. We even invited out of town family that they haven't seen in years. (There wasn't a dry eye in the room when everyone saw each other.) We also created fake dinner theater tickets to trick my grandparents into going to the hall. (That was my moms idea, she's brilliant!)

We did everything as homemade as possible, and thankfully everything turned out fantastic. We created a photobooth, a game, had speeches, a memory table, centerpieces, favors and more.

I'm so blessed to have my grandparents in my life. They are two amazing people, who deserve the best. I will never forget the smile on their face, and how happy they both were. It made all the hard work and planning worth it.


  1. Love this! It's so wonderful that they are still with you.

  2. How wonderful!!! And the fact that people they love put so much care and effort, I bet that made it so extra special. What a lovely celebration -- love the cake! this picture is a nice touch.