Friday, November 7, 2014

DIY Bloody Shower Curtain (Halloween)

As most of you know, my family and I love Halloween! We wanted to decorate, and not leave out our bathroom this year. Instead of paying over 30 dollars for a scary shower curtain, we decided to make our own. It was very inexpensive, and took no time at all! We are even able to use it again.

Red paint
Blue paint (optional)
Containers to hold paint and water
Paint Brush
Shower Curtain (Purchased from our local Dollar Store)

Step 1:
Mix the paint to the color red you desire. I used a ton of red, and a few drops of blue.

Step 2:
Once the pain is mixed, add water to make the paint a little watery. This will help when you're splashing the paint on the curtain.

Step 3:

Lay out shower curtain on a flat surface. Paint hands and make hand prints on the shower curtain. Add as many or few prints as you'd like. Run hands down the curtain and continue until you see fit. Splash paint with brush all over the curtain to make it look like blood splatter. (Gross, I know! But, Tis the season!)

Step 4:
Allow the paint to completely dry. If you're inpatient like us, use a hair dryer.

Step 5:
Hang the shower curtain, and scare guests!


  1. Looooooooooooooooooove this idea. Thanks from Brazil.

  2. OOOOOHHHH - great idea!! this would be fun to do when my kids get a bit older. great idea