Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines & Snow Painting

Tyson will be celebrating Valentine's day at school. I thought he'd like to make homemade cards, but instead he asks to make goodie bags. He told me everyone is so nice, and deserves one. (I can't argue with that!) We even made his teacher and assistant a special bag. They received a card, chocolate bar and pencil. For the students, we picked out pencils as well, heart shaped suckers, stamps, an activity book and a card. Tyson really enjoyed helping me put the bags together. We even purchased adorable name tags.

Tyson has been struggling staying quiet in class lately, and the children/teachers are wonderful to him. Tyson can't WAIT to give everyone their surprises! It looks like a lot, but truly isn't. Just a small token of appreciation. (Thank goodness for the Dollarama!)

Afterwards, we decided to play outside. We wanted to make a snowman, but the snow wasn't the right consistency. Instead, we created snow dye. We filled up two spray bottles with water. Then, added green
food coloring to one, and pink to another.

We hope you all are staying warm!
Happy Valentine's day!


  1. nice little gift packages! yes, thank goodness for the dollar store because I have 3 kids, all with almost 30 kids in their class.
    my kids love to paint the snow too. we just stay away from the yellow paint. LOL

  2. How fun is that? I love that Tyson wanted to do goodie bags :) And honestly, all the way along I've found that most of the kids are so incredibly supportive in the classroom setting - even up to grades 9 & 10 this year, and the teacher meetings are full of telling me about the other kids who rush to help when there's a problem. The snow painting looks like a blast!